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Difference Between ET-DSP™ and ERH Part I

Date: March 27, 2010

A lot of people ask me what the difference is between ERH, or what is more commonly referred to as electro-thermal heating and ET-DSP™.  What makes ET-DSP™ so effective as a heating technology is that convection is added to the heat transfer mechanisms. This is accomplished by injecting water at controlled rates (to maximize thermal efficiency) into the ends of the electrodes where the electric field has the highest density.  The comparison between the two methods can be articulated in the following equations, for ET-DSP™ and ERH, respectively:


Understandably, equations do not give you a good feel for the difference unless you're a total physics geek.  So what I did was perform a cool simulation of the above equations and plotted the results.  This provides a visual appreciation of the difference between the two heating methods.  So I asked myself, if I am able to maximize my input energy rate for both methods, what does the heated volume look like after 60 days ~ viola.

ET-DSP™ versus ERH 

To recap ~ one of the differences between ET-DSP™ and ERH is that ET-DSP™ introduces convection into the heat transfer mechanism and as a result is able to more rapidly  heat a body of soil in-situ.